“China knew and approved the rocket launch beforehand”
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By Park Do-yun, Reporter

Exclusive report came out proving the possibility that China might already know and approve North Korea’s recent missile launch. On 15th Segye Ilbo, a South Korean daily newspaper reported from exclusive source at Beijing that right after the 18th National People’s Congress the Secretary of North Korean Workers’ Party Kim Ki-nam and North Korean delegations visited China to discuss about launching long-range missile.

According to the report, Kim persuaded Chinese government that the rocket launch was inevitable for successful settlement of Kim Jong-un regime and consolidating the unity inside the country; China sent Li Jianguo, the vice chairman and secretary general of National People's Congress to Pyongyang in October 30th in return to talk about the missile. As soon as Li left the country, North Korea announced the plan to fire the rocket.

The report said that North Korea also put Kim Jong-un’s visit to Beijing as well as summit with the General Secretary Xi Jinping at the agenda, which was declined by Chinese government. According to the article citing the source, “North Korean regime aimed to make the summit as Kim Jong-un’s debut stage to international politics,” but China “seemed to consider it inappropriate since Kim would be the first head of the state visiting Beijing since Xi’s inauguration.“
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